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Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH)- one of the fastest growing segment of the global advertising market.

US DOOH volume exceeded 2 billion US dollars, accounting for 30% of OOH , the largest advertising market.

Shopping Mall digital formats are among the top by number of sites deployed.

Источник: Kinetic Worlwide – UK DOOH Report, Nov 2012

One of the reasons is that dynamic content in the shopping malls do not cause irritation to the shoppers. It advertises products and services directly to the site of their presence, informs about upcoming promotions, events in the shopping mall. The huge potential of NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) technology is not enough used for promotions . One of our challenges is a large-scale introduction of these technologies in the framework of the project.

Based on the results of 2-week advertising campaign on digital totems in shopping centers of New York and Los Angeles, purchase intent has increased by an average of 38%! *

*по данным AdSpace  Networks,Inc